Ospitalità diffusa

Ospitalità diffusa

By the experience of Albergo diffuso was born "Terrae Palliani - Common Hospitality" a new way of accommodation facilities related to the sustainable development of the town's territory, thanks to the networking of different private apartments located in the historical center of Paliano.

The significant quality of "ospitalità diffusa" is that it allows our guests to experience a different holiday with all the comforts, allowing a complete autonomy of our guests, satisfying their peace and needs, in an environment that is "a little house and a little 'hotel".

Thus, an invitation to experience an atmosphere that only an ancient village, rich in history and culture, can give to our visitors, an opportunity to fully experience the country.

The OD "Terrae Palliani" consists of a few houses typical of the old town and a lobby.

. The apartments are made from existing buildings, made from a different types of apartments, with characteristics typical and representative of a local flavor, decorated, furnished and renovated thinking to the needs of our guests.

The lobby

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