Ospitalità diffusa



Month of July


An appointment of taste that becomes a cultural and landscaped to enhance the traditions of the territory of alta Ciociaria. Through a course in traditional cellars of wards, eno – gastronomic stationed along the charming old town that winds around the fortress, you can taste wines (Cesanese del Piglio, Passerina del Frusinate) expertly paired from wine experts to local products (cheeses, breads, oils and sweets). Exhibition stands of handicrafts and local products; itinerant misicali shows enliven every moment of the Festival.

Paliano falls within the Cesanese wine DOCG and is a member of the Cesanese Wine Route, which also includes the towns of Acuto, Anagni, Affile, Piglio and Serrone.

Month of August


historical event of Ferragosto palianese, included among the 48 officially recognized by the Italian Republic and among European ones.

The historical references related to the town of Paliano to whom we are inspired are the Set up pallians 1531, where the Palio is mentioned in the chapter said the JewsAnd the cycle of paintings which is located inside the Fortezza Colonna, performed by Tribuzio Spannocchi and Paolo Veneziano from Tagliacozzo around 1573-75, which represents The Triumph Rome Marcantonio Colonna, Prince of Paliano, after the victory of Lepanto (1571).

In the Assunta's Palio, nine Knights bearers of their respective Districts and Districts in which the town is divided, will compete in the Joust of the Turk, an ability that is to be able to stick with a dagger and with the horse galloping, the largest number d the rings ruled by a shape that represents the Turkish defeat at Lepanto. The Palio is a drape painted every year is chosen with a competition, depicting the tradition and history of the event dedicated to the Virgin.

The historical parade is led back in palianese context. The costumes of the second half of the sixteenth century were reproduced from paintings and treated with scrupulous fidelity fashion of philological, while some of the figures that participate in the scenic representation of time and interpret public office really existed.

Opening of the cellars, exhibition and gastronomic, along the alleys of the historical center, managed by the districts and local associations.

In the best tradition, the festivities will close the San Rocco day with wonderful fireworks that start right from the historic center and in which you feel immersed.


A special experience is a visit to a particular butterfly farm. 35 kinds of butterflies and 9 lines of insects that live free in the company. The butterflies come from five states with which farmers work: Peru, Colombia, Ethiopia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The farm follows the philosophy of social farming and the visits can also be followed in a particular evangelical path with Bible in hand. The flying butterflies are used as backdrops for special events.



The City of Paliano was awarded the title of City of Culture of the Lazio Region in 2018, along with Colleferro (Municipality leader) Artena, Labico and Valmontone, with the project entitled Twentieth century, An ambitious program focused on the history, architecture, art, philosophy expressed by an area in the last century, and which has the great objective of seeking new models of development, new communication dynamics, new opportunities to meet and participation with the desire to subvert the detractors elements of the Valle del Sacco, only too often told with a negative connotation. (Www.cittaculturalazio.com)