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Short trips

The geographical location of Paliano and its position next to A1 motorway, make it an ideal starting point to many interesting short trip.

Theme Park: Rainbow Magicland

At 10 kilometers there is the Rainbow Magiclandthe new great Theme Park of Rome-Valmontone. It covers an area of 600,000 square meters, dedicated to the Magic, enjoyable for whole the family with its 38 attractions and a full schedule of performances.

In addition to the Park, close by, you can visit the 170 stores of the Fashion District, the busiest outlet in Italy.

Natural Monument "Selva of Paliano - de Mola 'Piscoli"

Even the landscape is highly appealing to nature lovers, with the Natural Monument "Selva of Paliano - de Mola 'Piscoli", which covers an area where of about 4 square kilometers, partly equipped with play ground area for adults and children; ideal for bird watching and horse riding, walking and mountain biking.

Also within the protected area are the Mola Tower Piscoli, a fortified defensive structure on the river Sacco, between the towns of Colle Rampo and Polledrara.

The Bikeway Paliano-Fiuggi

Overview – particularly among olive groves, vineyards and uncontaminated Woods – the Cycleway Paliano-Fiuggi, whose path follows the route of the old railway that connected Rome with the spa town, reaching a maximum slope of 6% and touching in its length of about 22 kilometers, the town of Paliano, Piglio, Serrone, sharp and Fiuggi.

Throughout the route, which runs along the flanks of the mountains Scalambra and stack rock, it passes a quote that touch the 700 metres above sea level. The track belongs to networks Bicitalia and EuroVelo routes (No. 3 Cycle-road of the pilgrims).

Via Francigena del Sud

In the Middle Ages many pilgrims, after reaching Rome, they continued the journey towards the ports of Puglia for boarding in the Holy Land. It was thus forming the Via Francigena South, via gerosolomitana (to Jerusalem) or via Romea for those who walked in the opposite direction.

The fortress of Paliano, in a strategic position, dominance of an ancient way of transit, commercial and military, as well as transhumance, was one of the steps required for those transiting marsicane from the lands to the south or west, and vice versa. Here in the Middle Ages the Templars founded an important "job" that also offered hospitality to passing pilgrims, providing them with food, assistance and protection.

Today, thanks to a job that lasted years, you can put your feet in the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims retrace streets rich in history and find every evening, the taste and the sense of hospitality of yesteryear.

The "Way Via Prenestina", developed by the Foundation Jubilee routes, along a continuous up and down between secondary roads, country roads, trails, in an area not densely developed, characterized by an undulating landscape, varied and enjoyable. The route begins in the south of Paliano, at the Colle Gianturco, where he lived Santa Maria Goretti, continue along a stretch of countryside almost untouched and you reach the chapel of Our Lady of rock Zancati and Friary Passionists, founded in 1775 by St. Paul of the Cross, in Santa Maria di Pugliano; from here we arrive at the historic center of Paliano. Once in the valley we take the Via Prenestina, towards Genazzano; passing the characteristic town of Cave, it meets some stretches of ancient cobblestones, and you get to Palestrina, where he is one of the nicest surprises of the entire route, with wonderful mosaics of the Temple of the Goddess Fortuna. The route continues along tarmac and dirt carriage towards Zagarolo and Gallicano save the Park, an area of great beauty. Passed the Castle Passerano continue towards the archaeological site of Gabii, where the itinerary ends currently designed. The connection to the center of Rome, in the course of development, provides for the entry into the center from the Porta Maggiore, and from there goes to St. John Lateran, the Colosseum, the Roman to finish in Piazza San Pietro.

Paragliding or hang gliding from Monte Scalambra

For paragliding or hang gliding is certainly one of the best places in Lazio, in fact, the Monte Scalambra (1,420 meters) offers several points of natural and a great takeoff and landing facilities in a district of the town of Serrone 5 km from Paliano.

It 'nice to simply watch the flights and the events organized by the sport "Serrone Vola" in the spring and summer, where you can appreciate the acrobatic of these funambulists of the air.


Staying in Paliano is also a good alternative to visit Rome because is only 60 km, less than an hour by car or train from the station of Colleferro.

You can then book in Paliano, where average prices of accommodation are considerably lower, and in the morning as well as at a time of the "Eternal City", where you can definitely spend a wonderful day, to then return in the evening and find a welcoming atmosphere and relaxing.

Ciociaria Region

The historical region of Ciociaria, millennial bridge between Rome and Naples, is almost perfectly situated in the province of Frosinone and some towns in the provinces of Rome and Latina.

A land to discover through a journey into the past of history, myth and legend. Millenary villages surrounded by walls cyclopean as Alatri and Arpino, birthplace of Cicero, medieval towns such as Anagni, theater of the slap of Pope Boniface VIII, Ferentino, Veroli and Fumone; oasis of monasteries like the famous Abbey of Montecassino, Land of Saint Benedict, the Cistercian Casamari and the Certosa di Trisulti.

For those who love nature Ciociaria is full of beautiful landscapes. Caves and sinkholes as those of Pastena and Collepardo, Gorges of Melfa, Regional Nature Reserves like Lake Posta Fibreno and Cascata of Isola del Liri. National Parks as the Lazio side of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.

Many then are the folk events, food and wine and cultural events taking place throughout the year and that will enrich a stay of well-being and good food.

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