Ospitalità diffusa

Organic food

Typical products

Good foodPaliano is a healthy territory and of course willing to provide excellent raw materials, that the traditional gastronomy, always with sincere and typicality.

Le terre di Paliano, every day leads to food market, meat, cheese, milk, fresh vegetables, potatoes and fruit, from organic production, certified, guaranteed and catering, in these years, is making its own preparations, retrieving some ancient relationship with the land and with the products of the lands of Paliano, researching the typicality, the peculiarities, the authenticity of certain flavors. All this is taking thanks to careful and sensitive operators and manufacturers who are investing on the companies and they are adapting to the needs of an advanced market research and quality demands.

It is during the months of October and November that celebrates the abundance of terre di Paliano, the harvest, from which was born the Wine Cesanese del Piglio, and in the olive harvest, which extracts theExtra virgin oil of Rosciola.

The wine Cesanese del Pigliothe production base, and the entire cultural district, with the 2008 vintage becomes DOCG denominazione di origine controllata e garantita, the first of Lazio for the most important autochthonous red wine of the region.

Extra virgin oil of Paliano, obtained from the cultivation of the ancient Cultivate Rosciola, has noble olive quality by squeezing, almost extinct in Central Italy, is a product rich in aromatic substances, delicate and inviting, essential in various culinary preparations. From June 2011 has been included in the list of traditional food products of Lazio.

The Herds

Azienda Agricola Nicoli Benedict

Cattle – resale of meats, cheeses and milk

PALIANO (loc. Collegrande) Via Casilina km. 56.800

t. 0775.538916/ 39 330.635211 39

Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Faustini

Cattle and sheep

Resale of sheep cheese fresh and mature cheese, milk, yogurt and cream

PALIANO – Colle Carcavella – t. 39 0775.538006


Milk Land

Breeding of donkeys and horses for milk production

Resale of milk for power requirements

PALIANO-Via Forest Castle, 44

t. 39 0775.1857003/ 39 333.1145671/Num. 800.864848 Green

www.latteasina.it – info@latteasina.it

Pratini Azienda Agricola Giorgio

Breeding sheep and pigs

Resale of sheep cheese fresh and mature cheese, sausages and hams

PALIANO-Via Poggio Romano, snc – t. 39 338.8774188

Azienda Agrituristica Fattoria Cat

Educational farm – cattle, swine and sheep

Sale of fresh meat, cold cuts, wine and oil

PALIANO – Via Canepiccia – t. 39 0775.577784


Agricola Selva Nicoli Manuela

Breeding of snails and bees

Resale of snails, honey, fruit and vegetables

PALIANO-Località La Selva, Via the Southern Part – t. 39 393.9904218


Azienda Agricola Serpens by Donatella Di Cola

Butterfly farm and fishing worms

Sale fishing products

Scenographic installations with butterflies, for weddings and various events

Farm trail with guided tours

PALIANO-Via del Casale .10 Wheel – t. 39 338.5991226

www.bigserpens.com dicolad@bigserpens.com

Wine and oil

Azienda Agricola Jacob Albert

Production and sale of wine Cesanese di Olevano Romano Passerina del frusinate DOC, IGT, and extra virgin olive oil

PALIANO-Contrada s. Giovenale snc – t. 39 0775.579198


Azienda Agrituristica Bertacco

Production of wine Cesanese del Piglio Passerina del frusinate DOC and IGT
Craft beer to einkorn wheat, sheep cheese, honey, baked goods to the einkorn wheat.

PALIANO-Località Poggio Romano – t. 0775.579173/ 39 339.3871775 39


Azienda Agricola Maria Elena Sinibaldi

Production and sale of wine Cesanese, Passerina del frusinate and dry Muscat WINE

PALIANO-Via Bosco Castle – t. 0775.533069/ 39 347.1768774 39


Quintiliani Farm & Takobana

Production of extra virgin olive oil Rosciola

Resale in bottles and cans

PALIANO-Contrada Santa Maria Pugliano – t. 39 0775.578914

Azienda Agricola Graziani Luca

Production and sale of extra-virgin olive oil Rosciola

PALIANO-Via Bosco Castle – t. 39 339.3308732

Canine Hill farm of Henry and Roberta Della Gatta

Production and sale of extra-virgin olive oil Rosciola, honey, jam and vinegar

PALIANO-Contrada Colle Calder II ^, 29 – t. 366.6715306/ 39 335.7389023 39


The fruit garden

Azienda Agricola F.lli Donati

Production of fruit and vegetables with integrated pest management

Resale of cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, grapes, apples and kiwi

PALIANO-Via Fontana Ba – t. 39 338.4003983


Azienda Agricola Antonella Nadeeshani

Production and sale of vegetables and fruits in season

PALIANO-Via Monticchio, 4 – t. 338.2640215/ 39 338.4333776 39

And part gastronomy

The palianesi have never given up the good and genuine kitchen. The dishes still have that pure flavor due to the use of simple products of this land.

The only handling of water and flour to prepare a dish that perfectly represents the essential home kitchen. It is the Pataccaccia, in the classical form of maltagliato or Long Dumplinground section.

Pataccacce and Long Gnocchi they are accompanied, from time to time, from products that the season has to offer. And, so, if the meat sauces accompany Pataccacce, But even the richest fettuccine or timbales, the Long Gnocchi prefer with mushrooms.

In the use of stuffed with ricotta cheese and local cheese and many sheep farms allow the use, in the kitchen, lamb meat, in all seasons.

Among the traditional dishes, which increasingly happen to taste in Paliano, we cannot but recall the yellow to brick Pizza, with herbs and wild chicory; soups; the crackers Carnival; the doughnuts in syrup prepared at Easter; The Cake, which still uses the cream of tartar; the Christmas Gingerbread.

Many small delights can be enjoyed only in Paliano.